Heidi’s Food Service Guide

At Heidi’s Real Food, we are passionate about creative, plant-based eating. We want to make your job easier with healthy, ethnically inspired blends that supplement your existing menus.

On this page, you can find an evolving diary of ideas and inspirations on the many ways to include Heidi’s on your menu. Our mission is to create community around health, sustainability and delicious food. We are happy to work with your culinary and pass on tips we’ve discovered over the years. If you have a recipe that includes Heidi’s Real Food that you wish to share, please send me an email with a photo and I will add it!

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Heidi serving meatless meatballs for lunch at Credit Suisse

Heidi serving meatless meatballs for lunch at Credit Suisse


A great introduction to Heidi’s Real Food is a vegan bowl bar with exciting sauces: chipotle lime, blueberry habanero, creamy lemon. This is a simple way to get clients/students familiar with all the flavors. Quinoa, roasted squash, cauliflower rice -- all make great bases on which to build!

Recipe idea by: Jay Labs— Restaurant Associates, Jersey City



A no-brainer vegan substitute for traditional Italian meatballs.  Use with red sauce (but don’t let them soak in a chafing dish of sauce), ketchup, BBQ sauce and vegan pesto.



A terrific substitute for boring falafel or chicken.  These Mediterranean flavors pair great with lemon, tahini, balsamic, tzatziki, or pomegranate molasses (fesenjoon sauce).



A super fun flavor.  Pairs great with lime, avocado (guacamole), chutney.  Serve over spiralized sweet potato or with fried plantains. Top with tart cranberries compote or crushed ginger snaps.



Asian crunch, full of complex flavors. This ball goes great with a plum sauce or sweet ‘n’ sour sauce.  Over a base of stir fry it gives great texture. Also in a bowl with julienne vegetables and miso broth.




What’s the best way to cook Heidi’s Real Food blends?

Pending on the application (slider, loaf, ball etc…) baking, grilling, par-baking with a quick deep-fry (325º-350º) — all work great.

What if my blend slacks and is a little wet?

Sometimes, particularly with Italian, if blend becomes too “warm,” the blend can become wet as the mushrooms release their water. We suggest putting the blend back in the freezer for 15 min or adding a little flour.

What if my blend slacks and is a little dry?

If your blend seems a little dry and crumbly to work with, you can add a little vegetable oil to the top to moisten.

How do I get Heidi to come and promote plant-based eating?

Just ask! Heidi loves meeting and promoting school and business events whenever possible.

Am I required to use Heidi’s Real Food branding when I serve the product?

No, but we would love it if you did! Just send an email to heidi@heidisrealfood.com and we will send you the goods.

Do Heidi’s Real Food blends shrink in the cooking process?

No, unlike many meat and meat-alternatives, there is virtually no shrinkage when you cook Heidi’s Real Food. 4 lbs means 4 lbs!

What is the binder holding Heidi’s Real Food blends together?

We use nutrient-rich flaxseed meal.

Are Heidi’s Real Food blends processed?

We use minimal processing and keep our ingredient list to 10 or less.

Do Heidi’s Real Food blends contain nuts?

There are no nuts and are they are made in a nut-free facility.

Introducing Heidi’s Real Food

Heidi's Real Food's vegan meatballs come in four flavors and offer a more flavorful and creative alternative to animal products.  Each flavor evokes a different regional cuisine from around the world.  Let Heidi's Real Food take your taste buds on an exploration! Heidi's Real Food can be found in Whole Foods Market and other premium retailers.


Email:  sales@heidisrealfood.com

Based in: Greenwich, CT

Product Attributes:  2 - 4 lb. scoop-able mix buckets /case


ITALIAN:  All the tastes of Italy, full-flavored, nutty bulgur wheat, sundried tomato, cheese, oregano and fresh basil—rolled into a ball! (Vegan, Soy free)

PERSIAN:  Light, nutty chick peas with spinach, parsley and spice.  It starts a light, slightly sweet flavor and ends with a bit of exotic heat.  Better than falafel. (Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free)

BARBADOS:  Think Caribbean, mon! Hearty kidney beans, sweet mango, collard greens, pumpkin seeds and curry.  (Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy free)

SHANGHAI:  Asian influence abound with black forbidden rice, organic edamame, peanut, scallion and miso.  All the umami flavors of the East united and rolled into one bite. (Vegan, Gluten-free)

Email:  sales@heidisrealfood.com


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Distributors: PFG, Ace Naturals, and UNFI

FOB Dock: Saddle Brook, NJ

Minimum Order: 10 cases or 50 cases mixed flavors (1/2 palette)

Order Lead Time: 7 business days

Pricing: Please inquire for food service pricing— email heidi@heidisrealfood.com